Virtual Collaborative Learning – Microsoft Teams Basics

Objective: Technical Ontology – Microsoft Teams

Target group: fixed group (at least 2-3 partners from each institution)

MS Teams Staff Training – common (technical) grounding

Learning goals:

  1. The participants remember and understand the basic functions of MS Teams as a tool for collaboration
  2. The participants demonstrate that they can use the software for individual and group collaboration
  3. The participants understand the concept of Assignments tasks and quizzes and can apply basic operations
  4. The participants execute the scheduling of different types of meetings and compare them
  5. The participants Understand how the VCL Concept could be implemented within MS Teams and are able weigh different opportunities for their students to make use of in the VCL
  6. The participants can create a basic VCL Structure within Microsoft Teams

Methodology of Workshop Delivery

The VALEU-X training takes an active learning approach, where the learning is complemented by face to face observations and training workshops, online trainings, and by an intense hands-on project work.

The training material will be centrally collected on our common MS Teams instance at UET and made available for the project partners under an open license which will allows everyone to reuse and adapt the training materials in different contexts.

Delivery method: Online training

Workshop Program

DateTrainingLearning GoalsSupervisor
May 14, 2020MS Teams BasicsRemember key features of MS Teams​Understand basic tools within Teams PFApply knowledge in basic communication via TeamsTUD
May 14, 2020MS Teams Assignments & VCLUnderstand the Assignment function of MS TeamsSketch tasks and quizzes Implement assignments on MS TeamsTUD
May 14, 2020MS Teams Meetings; Teams; Professional Working CommunitiesSchedule how to build up a professional working communityOrganise different types of MeetingsUnderstand how the VCL concept is used via MS TeamsTUD

Workshop lecturer and moderator

Mattis Altmann is research associate and PhD student at the Chair of Business Informatics at the faculty of Economic at the TU Dresden. He teaches in the scope of virtual and international collaboration in small groups as well as case study design and formative Feedback. Further he is project manager in a Erasmus+ capacity building project which aims for the implementation of Virtual Mobility and Internationalization@home in the Western Balkan regions. His research areas include the design of case studies to foster virtual collaboration and formative Feedback in virtual group work.

Virtual Staff Trainings 2020 Presentations

  • VALEU-X Microsoft Teams Training: Slides are available here
  • VALEU-X Microsoft Teams – Assignments, Feedback & Quizzes: Slides are available here
  • Microsoft Teams – Teams, PWC, VCLs, and Meetings: Slides are available here